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Tetradian deliver enterprise training and consultancy in England, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

We work with the architecture of the enterprise as a whole – viewing each organisation as a dynamic ‘living organisation’.

Our focus is enabling systems transformation for thriving and sustainable futures, at all organisational levels in all organisational structures.

Our aim is to create for – and within – our clients’ organisations, a unified and productive clarity.

Tetradian: meaning four dimensions integrates the ‘four corners of the business world’ – business processes, business knowledge, business relationships and business purpose –  by emphasising the need for continuing awareness of the organisation as a whole, with all these dimensions interacting and interweaving through each other in constant, dynamic, ever-changing equilibrium.

Our practice implements systems thinking and futures theories to provide a simple and dynamic model of an organisation’s ‘inner-structure’: in tetrahedral relationship, with a precise mapping of the infrastructural themes that link the dimensions together into a cohesive whole.

Our tools arise from a close observation of the dynamic ‘living organisation’ of our natural world.  They provide the structures and frameworks to effectively and efficiently apply the four dimensions within your organisation by mimicking the natural world at every level.